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Evergreen Scale Models is the world's largest producer of styrene plastic shapes, strips, and sheet materials in metric and inch sizes. You can build clean, accurate models using Evergreen Scale Models products. Available at hobby shops  and art supply stores worldwide.


   New Prices Effective June 1, 2014                                                                             

                                                                     Black  styrene sheets                                      

                                                                    Structural shape dimensions                          



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Clapboard Siding

Dimensional Strips

Half Round


Quarter Round

Round Tubing


Standing Seam Roof

Large Scale Siding

O Scale Strips

Board & Batten

Clear Sheets

Dimensional Strips– 24"


Novelty Siding (Drop Siding)

Rectangular Tubing

Round Tubing 24"

Square Tile

V-Groove Siding

White Sheets - Economy Packs

Black Sheets - Economy Packs


Corrugated Metal Siding

Freight Car Siding

HO Scale Strips

Passenger Car Siding

Round Rods

S Scale Strips

Square Tubing

White Sheets

Black Sheets


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Evergreen Scale Models products are available in hobby and art supply stores worldwide.
For a retailer near you, please contact us at 847-635-9066 or email to 

Telephone: 847-635-9066 or 877-376-9099

FAX: 847-813-6330

Address: 65 Bradrock Dr.  DesPlaines, Illinois 60018


International Inquiries: For information on ordering Evergreen products in countries outside the USA, contact International Hobbycraft (


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